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Many people dream of exotic destinations they may never see, and I'm no different. In 2013, I had a golden opportunity: the gift of stand-by air travel anywhere in the world.
In January, I boated around the Galapagos islands and visited the world's highest capital. February brought New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, and a little village called Karauli in northern India. I saw the Costa del Sol of Spain and the prehistoric caves of France and northern Spain, Barcelona and the birthplace of Salvador Dali. I also wanted to travel the south seas, Austrailia and New Zealand--but I'll have to keep those for dream destinations of the future.
My travels slowed down but continued in 2014 and 2015, where I covered a lot more local destinations. I've written for several publishers; though unspoken, it's common to leave out the unpleasant aspects of travel (after all, their intent is to entertain their readers and keep advertisers happy); since I'm traveling on my own dime, I'm enjoying writing ALL about my travels--good AND bad--on my blog 1Woman1World1Year. Finally, truth in travel!
I'm also combining local music with video and stills from my trips on Vimeo. Travel with me!

A Tale of San Francisco's Victorian Underworld

A naive servant girl becomes a wealthy and notorious madam; a gentle Chinese scholar is fated to kill for the gangs of Chinatown. Their story is a tale of love, longing and deceit set amidst the glittering parlors and tattered slums of Victorian San Francisco. Kidnapping, murder, family intrigues, true love and, of course, an earthquake--this story has it all. Read the first chapters of Shaketown here. Order a paperback or ebook copy from Amazon, or ebooks from Barnes & Noble Nook,, or any popular e-reader site ($5.99 USD for ebooks), or download a PDF version ($5.99 USD) using PayPal:

Little Black Book Maui and Kaua'i
The Little Black Book series from Peter Pauper Press has released Joanne's latest travel guide, available from their website; LBB Maui and Kaua'i is also available on and in major bookstores including Borders. This inexpensive and sturdy pocket-size book covers all the highlights: best places to see, eat and stay on both islands with maps included. Side trips to Moloka'i and Lana'i are an added feature.

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